EL Easy Lift
EL Easy Lift

EL Easy Lift

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EL Easy Lift


Order Number: 51100017

NEW FROM PROBST - Probst Easylift EL-simple Slab Handling Device

  • The 'Packhorse' on 2 wheels for easy slab laying: small, light and exceptionally gentle on the back.
  • User-friendly and handy device for seamless slab laying.
  • For optimal posture when working. Through the lever effect, even heavy slabs can be laid without great effort.
  • The special wheel design makes the EASY-LIFT EL-SIMPLE extremely manoeuvrable.
  • Solid Design, indestructible.
  • Collapsible, thus space-saving in transit.


  • Gripping Range: 300mm-600mm
  • Working Load Limit: 80kg
  • Dead Weight: 12kg