TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier
TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier

TM TRANSMOBIL Installation Carrier

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TRANSMOBIL TM Installation Carrier


Order-Number: 52220012

A compact universal machine - transport and handling of palletized building material and vacuum installation all in one.

NEW: Up to 200 kg lifting capacity when fully extended and upgradeable up to 250 kg at reduced outreach!

With a dead weight of about 1,300 kg (2,850 Ibs) only, transportation is done easily with a standard trailer.

Streamlining potential for all building trades: civil engineering, road Construction, horticulture and landscaping as well as subcontractors.

The powerful vacuum laying unit allows the immediate installation of heavy Construction elements - effortless and without physical strain.

Mostly kerb stones are installed one one side of the road, while on the other side vehicles are still allowed to drive. Existing knuckle boom jibs provide some advantages,such as space requirements, but usually they have disadvantages because it cannot be avoided that they might swing into the trafficed area if the operator lets the handle of the lifting unit go accidentaly. This could cause fatal accidents.

Highest Safety Standards!

This was only possible by combining the knuckle boom with a shifting suspension jib to suspend the vacuum lifting hose.

Standard Specifications:

  • Robust vacuum lifting unit 150 kg capacity, can be taken off the unit by quick release connections, for example during the night (protction agains vandalism).
  • The mast of the vacuum laying unit can be adjusted exactely vertically to allow positioning of the lifting unit light as a feather alongsid the perfectly horizontal jib. Adjustment approx. +/- 5 degree sideways; +/- 10 degree in driving direction.
  • Compact transportation measurements. The jib is lowered down without manual power with a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Quick and simpel locking of both knuckle boom links by operating just one lever.
    Modified design – suits even wider pallets
  • Hour meter and ignition switch on the petrol engine (safeguard in regard of insurance).
  • Large open box for tools and accessories.
  • The lifting unit is equipped with 2 fork tines. Features: with long, tapered run-out for optimal insertion, working length 1,090 mm (43”), horizontally adjustable. Lifting height of the lifting unit 340 mm (13 1/2”), lifting capacity 1,500 kg (3,300 Ibs).
  • For maximum pallet-width of 1,300 mm (51”).
  • Robust, powerful rubber crawler track - thus the TRANS MOBIL TM maneuvers well and unfailing even on rough terrain. Travel speed approx. 2,2 km/h.
  • Dimensions:
    Overall width 1,910 mm (75”)
    Total height in transportin position 2,280 mm (90”)
    Total length in transportin position 2,300 mm (91”)
  • Driven by powerful vacuum turbine, also lifts porous materials.


Due to the attendance on the market for several decades, Probst is the only supplier who has access to more than 1000 different suction plates, which have been manufactured and successfully used in the past (special information on request).