UM-SM UNIMOBIL and StoneMagnet® SM-600
UM-SM UNIMOBIL and StoneMagnet® SM-600
UM-SM UNIMOBIL and StoneMagnet® SM-600

UM-SM UNIMOBIL and StoneMagnet® SM-600

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UM-SM UNIMOBIL and StoneMagnet® SM-600


Order-Number: 42740011, 52720006

The UNI MOBIL UM-SM is the perfect vacuum laying system for slightly porous slabs and stone.

Basic version (without suction plate) equipped with battery driven Vacuum Stone Magnet SM (see Chart p. 2.1).

  • It is equipped with handles on the suction plate and a 90° turnable suspension for the perfect positioning of the slabs.

Please note: Suction plates have to be ordered separately. See Chart.

Advantage: The most gentle and the closest positioning of slabs as possible. Re-pick up possible. Also suitable for slightly porous stones. Please note: heavily porous stones cannot be handled with this device.

If you are already using a SM please ask us for a quotation to upgrade it to a UM-SM!

Durable surface protection by galvanizing

STONEMAGNET® SM-600 – the new battery-driven vacuum lifting device with even more power

Easy to handle, robust, independent of main power supply – the logical development of our tried and tested universal device, with load-bearing capacity of up to 600 kg. Flexible, fast and secure installation of primarily vacuum-dense elements, e.g. such as granite.

  • Powered by rechargeable, exchangeable 12 V battery. Power saving control system makes battery lasting for one whole working day. Battery can be exchanged within seconds. Battery charge indicator. Battery charger not included
  • Can be used with any hoist
  • With integral chain-box and load-securing chain
  • Integral charger socket for charging
  • Optional extra: SM-BB Operating handle