VS-PR Speedy Power-Rack

VS-PR Speedy Power-Rack

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Speedy Power-Rack VS-PR


Order Number: 52500240



Holder for practical storing of the EU 20i Honda generator when operating the SPEEDY on lifting equipment (e.g. a digger).

  • No cumbersome cable to consider.
  • VS-PR is simply hung on the carrying device with adjusted generator. The VS-EH* lifting eye of the SPEEDY is thenhung on the eye hook of the VS-PR.
  • In the case of a carrying device with a large lifting height, the eye hook may be connected to the VS-EH* lifting eye with the 2 m long loop supplied. Thus, first the SPEEDY then the VS-PR can be switched off.
  • Incl. 3 m extension cable + Velcro strap.

Speedy VS pdf: